My journey into soapmaking started rather innocently. I had a ridiculous amount of extra chamomile growing in my garden. It was everywhere. I dried it, made tea with it - and made an assortment of other crafts. What else could I possibly make?! The answer - SOAP! Slowly, my love of soapmaking evolved to include other goodies, as well. 

Now, I'm ready to focus my passion for soap and start a subscription box of my own! I hope you enjoy!

What are other people saying?

"The jasmine and lime scrub bar that I got as a sample is amazing smelling. I can't wait to see what other scents they have!"

Kate S.

"I bought the scrub club for my girlfriend. She loves it. One bar smelled so good that I took it for myself."


"Yaaaassssssssss. Got this as a gift from my mom. Can't wait for more."