Handpoured Wax Melts, Seeds, and More - Delivered.

Get small batch cold process soap, wax melts, and flower seeds shipped to your door. Our soaps are vegan, palm free, non-GMO, and come in mostly eco-friendly packaging. Be sure to check out our limited edition bulbs and garden goodies!

When you purchase from us, you can rest assured that you're making a difference. Each season, we donate buckets of cut flowers to nursing homes and other local organizations. Even though we're still working towards owning a farm of our very own, we're making a difference TODAY. Thank you for your support! Happy Gardening!


I'm Tonya,

I'm the woman behind the FRESHCUTKY social media pages. In real life, and online, I'm known for getting some moderately wild ideas. Over the years, I've dreamed of having a farm to call my own. I've worked and saved and saved - and then tried saving some more! I currently grow flowers in my tiny backyard in the city. For each new soap box subscription, I'll be donating flowers to nursing homes, hospitals, and hospices. Buying seeds from my small little shop helps me continue to chase my dreams. Thank you so much for supporting FRESHCUTKY! 

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In starting our flower farming journey, we were totally overwhelmed by the process of learning something new. While I was very familiar with growing vegetables, venturing into the world of cut flower production felt complicated and challenging.

Over the years, I've shared my gardening experiences with FRESHCUTKY followers and subscribers. As the channel continues to grow, I'm so eager to share my love of gardening with anyone who may need help.